Tablespoon Theatre Presents... Poetry 2.5 Online Edition 
12th April 2020
Iucia Marquez Leaman, Kirsten Mackie, Cara Matthews, India de Bono, Lilith Charlet,Gioia De Martino, David Irvine, Ellie Janes, Iona Zajac
Edited and compiled by Ellie Janes

Poster by Ellie Janes 

Tablespoon Theatre Presents... Life drawing 
DRAM 18th February 2020 

Jenny Brown
Olivia Wise 
Fundraising for:
Surplus To Requirements 
Poster by Jessica Paris 

Tablespoon Theatre Presents... Poetry 2.0
Glasgow Autonomous Spaces 24th January 2020
Kirsten Mackie
Emma Reilly 
Ellie Janes
Max Scratchmann 
Melissa Jennings 
Kier Batchelor

Fundraising for:
Surplus to Requirements
Poster by Ellie Janes 

Tablespoon Theatre serves an evening of Poetry 
DRAM 28th October 2019
Iona Zajac
Ava Broughton-Stuart
Lucia Marquez-Leaman
Bonnie Mayall
Keir Batchelor 
Fundraising for:
Potluck Festival 2019 

Tablespoon Theatre Presents...
Painted Nudes
DRAM 29th July 2019
Max Scratchmann
Fundraising for:
Painted Corners