Hannah Binney & Bella Ramsay 


‘Uma and the Flamingos’ is a hand drawn animated short film in progress created by Isabella Ramsay (@bellamalora on Instagram) and Hannah Binney (@hannahbinney on Instagram) and features music by Oliver Sandham (@osandham).

The animation, created during the depths of mid-lockdown across the UK, depicts a derelict Glasgow, one seemingly without much vigour or joy left within it. We meet our character, Uma, amongst the rubble of this world that is seemingly only inhabited by her and, very peculiarly, an odd, large assortment of mutant flamingos that are coloured green and given strange features by the tainted rain that now falls upon the city and beyond.

So when Uma sees a perfect flamingo for the first time in her living memory, what can she do but chase it? And happen to fall into the adventure of a lifetime along the way...‘Uma and the Flamingos’ is a working project, and so this is only a snippet of what’s to come.

Watch this space for updates on the full animation and check out @bellamalora, @theword.exhibition and @hannahbinney on Instagram as we continue to work towards completing it!