Jakob Bogarve  


Walking the same path Back and forth
    Where will you find you’ve had enough?
          Jump down and face what’s
                Who do you turn to when you can see no one at all?
                        Who do you ask advice?
                                Who will heed my cry for help?
                                        Like Sebastian Saint of the plague Or the mountain
                                        Whose peakwill set you free.
                                  From what do you construct your own narrative when
                              the streets are empty and the forests burned down?
                            Who are you without the influence of others?
                                    Oh Venus, bring me a womb

                                        So that I can birth a mirror If only for just one glance
                                     at who I once was
                                    at who I will be.
                                                                                                                        Back             and                 forth
                                                                                                                        Back             and                 forth

                                    Like the breaking waves I smash to    b    i    t    s
                                            And float right back.
                                                We are one ocean
                                                We are a pack
                                Without you, Will I ever get back?
                                When will I reach my                             vantage point?

        From where I can see what reason you have for turning me inside and out?
        Joining my hands and feet together and forcing me to walk?


When will that light shine?