Rehearsal photos by Lilith Charlet 

Choreographed & Directed by: Jessica Paris 
Composition by: Guoda Diržytė 
Cast: Ellie Janes, Sophia Smith, Fiona Radbourne, Jessica Millar, Hannah Allison 

Postponed due to COVID-19
Existing within the boundaries of movement and dance, ‘Surplus To Requirements’ explores how we transform gesture into performance. Both in the choreography and the score it dissects specific variables like speed and tone to attempt to find where, if at all, this line is drawn.

The piece is particularly interested in how collective movement can be read as performative, and how this is accompanied by the loss of the individual. As the title and the stripped back, uniform aesthetic suggests, much of the inspiration for this was taken from large-scale factory work & Industry and soviet propaganda. Furthermore, while founded on choreography, the piece is heavily devised and thus works to examine the idea of the ‘collective’ both in product and in practice.