“A young schoolgirl has been made invisible by an oppressive teacher. I wanted to imagine an especially colorful form of payback. Why not shrink the teacher and imprison him in a box of breakfast cereal?"

The 10 page script can be found here

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Additionally, if you are applying for multiple roles PLEASE SEND SEPARATE EMAILS FOR EACH APPLICATION

This is not a full-time commitment - we are asking for people who would enjoy getting involved in a project in their spare time. No previous professional experience is required!


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59pm (GMT)  20th Jan

  • Overall, we will be making a video that will consist of an audio recording of the script, and a series of animations/stills/videos to accompany the action of the script. You will be in charge of the video production aspect of the project.
  • This is a very collaborative project and you would be working as part of the ‘Creative Direction Team’. This is made up of myself (the producer), the director, the sound technician and the visual producer. We will meet weekly to discuss progress, develop ideas and generally have a chat!
  • As the visual producer you will have a great deal of free reign to work in whatever media(s) you think would best suit. You will be working to develop first, a storyboard with input from the rest of the creative team, then to create or source videos/animations/photographs/illustrations that you feel capture the nature and themes of this script.
  • Essentially you are working as an illustrator, but in a non-static and multimedia fashion. This project is an opportunity to really explore the ways in which image can be used to accompany narrative, draw out themes and bring greater depth to a story.
  • Here are some early concept images:

  • To give you an idea of the timings for the project, the timeline is detailed on the main page here

  • Meet weekly with Creative Direction Team
  • Creation of a storyboard to be shared with the Creative Direction Team
  • Creating/sourcing the visual design elements for the video aspect of this project
  • Good communication with the sound technician in order to coordinate the relevant SFX to accompany the video
  • Working to create a final piece by the 14th of March 

  • Have a read of the script and let us know in your email if you have any initial thoughts or ideas about the project!