Life before and during covid I disconnected myself from the world. Before I lived in a constant physical chaos it surrounded and affected me 24/7 I was almost always busy with something. I miss that constant movement of seeing so many different faces and places and looking back at how people surrounded those places and memories made me feel reminiscent.

Now I see how the physical chaos subdued. 

When lockdown first struck there was silence in the streets I don't think I ever could have Imagined in 2019. All I heard at night were the birds that live next to my window. Throughout this empty summer, I slowly melted into my bed, practically drowning in memories and endless thoughts.  Boredom struck many a time and I found myself scrolling and scrolling through my phone hoping it would become a door into another world where covid never happened and everyone was safe. I felt like goo. Isolating myself from the world felt good but lonely and I hated that my instant reaction was not to talk to a soul but I feel like I needed that emptiness I felt in order to get back to the chaos I hope to see again soon.