‘Plastic. Affective memory and waste’ is a cultural project developed by a young creative team from Bucharest, Romania, that proposes a foray into the world of plastics. We encourage public dialogue and question practices, representations and uses of plastics both on an individual level and within the socially shared space.

Asphyxia is a video performance born from the attempt to experience through the body and senses the inner, hidden world of plastics. It challenges us to breathe at the same pace with a slowly suffocating planet. How does plastic breathe?

Through this corporeal-visual experiment, we draw attention upon the effects of plastic waste and irresponsible consumerism, on humans and nature.

About Plastic ArtPerformance Cllctv:

Alina Tofan (RO) is a multidisciplinary artist, member of the Time Based Arts group within Arts University Bucharest. Her area of practice explores unique ways of communicating with all the senses. Her goal is to express as many feelings as possible through the body.

Georgiana Vlahbei (RO) has been engaged in visual documentation in ethnographic/cultural anthropology research for the past 10 years. Her photography journey began in 2014. In 2020, she had her first exhibition of conceptual photography.

Alexandru Claudiu Maxim (RO) is a video artist from the new Romanian wave, interested in interdisciplinarity. He works both as a visual artist and as a performer, regularly participating in exhibitions.

Teo Rădulescu (RO) is an architect passionate about the relationship between sound and space. For him, sound determines the rhythm of the city life, influences emotions and thoughts. He questions through his art the missing sounds of a space.

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One Way Ticket

An animated short film made in a paper-animation style with an electronic backing track.

About Jack: Jack is a Sheffield based Sound Designer/Composer specialising in surround sound for theatre and film. He loves creating work which immerses the audience into the world of the story, specifically if it is a dark story which he can get really weird with. In all his work he tries tro create my own sounds and effects, coming up with new ways of manipulating sounds and instruments to get the perfect feeling.

About Simin: Simin Ma is an interdisciplinary Set and Performance Designer who graduated from Birmingham City University. She has worked on projects in various disciplines that ranges from site-sensitive opera to experimental short films. As a designer, her passion lies in the exploration of the connections between the space, the performers, and the audience.

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/JGSoundDesign
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Website - jackgoodisondesign.com


Untitled for now

Me (the universe) is a poetic video collage I made in my room during the extremely stressful period of lockdown. While my body is usually the main material of my work, during quarantine this radically changed. My mind and personal development came to the forefront of my art and in this poem I spread thoughts of childhood trauma and sprinkle them with silly adobe premiere special effects.

About Mochi: Mochi Georgiou grew in Peristeri neighbourhood in Athens watching Digimon Adventure and Marina Kountouratou (A fictional character in greek TV series “Δύο Ξένοι”) on television. Their practice, based in Athens, Greece, involves poetry, performance, self-publishing and editing text and image based publications including zine series. Their work engages with various themes in pop, trash and internet cultures in an investigative spirit around gender and class issues as well as addressing the traumatic experiences of the so-called ‘post-millennial’ generation that is living in contemporary Greece.

Mochi worked in organizing the publishing project Queer Ink through which they worked on various inter-disciplinary creative projects and inaugurated fruitful collaborations with other writers or artists. They launched a series of artistic events called Poetry Slam with the intention of creating an Athens-based queer artistic space in order to showcase work of queer poets and writers working through poetic-performative practices as well as with the intention of supporting them through the Queer Book Fair that took place in every event.

In 2020, they have focused on self-publishing text-based work: “My Heart Hearts [...]”, creating a hand-made collectible poetic publication “ΓΛΥΚΑΔΑΚΙΑ Ο ΜΟΤΣΗΣ” and in editing the first edition of the collective poetic publication “ANAMESA”.

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Untitled for now

About Claire: Claire Province is a young queer female contemporary artist originally from the east coast of the United States and currently residing in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a first-year student on the Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Her work tends to centre around ideas of vulnerability and using text to influence connections to her intended audience. She really enjoys looking at social experiments and psychology as a branch to create work from. Claire has recently been playing around with elements of composition in her work as well as tying her love of photography into her art-making practice. She loves to collaborate but is equally as happy to create solo work as well.

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Two Suns

2020, Arad Residency Program - Israel, Video Performance

About Gili: Gili Avissar, multi-disciplinary artist, Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Received M.F.A and B.F.A degrees from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Avissar Has exhibited his work across Israel and abroad. A partial list of exhibitions and large scale projects were presented at, Art Safari, Bucharest, RO (2020), Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod, IL (2019), Hateder with The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, IL (2018), Mewo Kunsthalle, Memmingen, DE (2018), Kostka Gallery, Prague, CZ (2018), Galerie Koal, Berlin, DE (2017), Nehushtan Museum,Kibbutz Ashdot Yaacov, IL (2017), Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv (2015), Kunstverein Konstanz, DE (2015), Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, IL (2013), Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf, DE (2012).

A selection of video performances screening venues includes: Mana Contemporary Chicago & New Jersey, US (2017), Flux Factory, NY, US (2015), KARST contemporary art venue, Plymouth, UK (2015), V- Kunst, Frankfurt, DE (2014), Marl Media Art Award, Marl, DE (2013), Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, US (2011).

Avissar was awarded various grants and art prizes, among them from the Artis Residency grant, NY, Artport residency program, Tel Aviv, The Young Artist Award, The Isracard and Tel Aviv Museum of Art Prize and The Bronner / Goethe/ NRW Residency Exchange Program, Düsseldorf.

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Creative Directors

About Gold Beans: We are two siblings - Raz and Ofir. We see ourselves as visionary artists who use clothing design and photography as our main mediums to visualize a free, effortless, expressive world. Our art comes from a place of desire to shape a culture where everyone can find the freedom to be themselves.

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set forth herein

High above a concrete myriad of calculation and contrivance, manoeuvring amidst the infinite expanse of light, the shifting haul of the fabricator revives recollections of passage in pedestrians below.

About David: Born in Sydney, Australia. His filmmaking achievements are recognised within a significant number of International filmmaking collectives who regularly screen and showcase his work. The films he has directed and produced combine experimental visuals with experimental sound. A subject that re-occurs in many of his films is the experience of location and space. These films are often films about space and spaciousness as experienced within urban environments. Every film he creates is an attempt to explore the visual language of the moving image. His approach to filmmaking can best be described as extemporaneous film making.

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/kimsant1
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Couture Drawing series / C-D-1 Challenging Convention

About Jane: Jane's practice is interdisciplinary. Her work is about social mobility and aspiration - she herself came from a traditional working class mining community in the north of England.  Despite parental opposition, she had a successful career as a fashion designer until she changed paths to graduate with a Masters in Fine Art in 2018.

Current projects include Honouring my Grandmother whilst Escaping her Legacy, and Couture Drawing, which reference her previous career. Imagery evokes iconic super modern architecture which is employed as a metaphor for aspiration, for ambition. She works in the field of expanded drawing, using materials which display the interconnected nature of art & fashion - both of which are fetishized in contemporary culture. Her materials range from organza to parcel paper, ink to thread, tissue to perspex.

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