Tablespoon Theatre Company:

Tablespoon Theatre is an independent company specialising in new writing and physical performance. Born out of an original play staged in 2018, we are a Glasgow based collective creating and producing performing arts events across the city. Tablespoon Theatre performances seek to experiment with physicality, ensemble, and original composition to create immersive and truly artist-led work.
Guided by virtues of inclusivity and creativity we operate largely through open-call outs, with the aim to collaborate and pursue cross-disciplinary work with every project. Tablespoon Theatre is a community led enterprise that runs physical theatre workshops for children and adults.

Tablespoon Theatre Presents…

Tablespoon Theatre Presents hosts regular spoken word and life drawing events as well as our own ‘Potluck’, an evening of new writing, devising, and alternative performance. Through submissions and contributors we hope to offer emerging artists a platform to engage with performance in one or all of its many capacities. 


Jessica Paris


Jessica was at the heart of Tablespoon Theatre’s conception and her 2018 play ‘Than By Her Shadow, What She Wears’ provided the backbone for the company’s creative direction. Her work with Tablespoon since then has only sought to further this exploration of the human body, using her experience in dance and choreography to expand the repatoire beyond traditional theatre. Jessica works predominantly to ensure that the day to day running of the company runs smoothly as well as to facilitate, at a management level, all productions within the company. She also a memeber of teh workshop team.

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Alice Nottage


Alice acts as the face of the company as well as organising many of our fundraisers. She works tirelessly to ensure the high standard and regularity of our Poetry and Life Drawing events as well as ensuring our contributors, collaborators and staff are well taken care of. Performing in the company’s founding production in 2018, and in productions since, she has been instrumental in defining the type of theatre the company strives to create. Alice is also able to bring her strong grounding in physical theatre to our workshop team.


Ellie Janes


Tablespoon’s aesthetic has come about in no small part due to Ellie’s unique artistic style. This distinctive form of expression can be seen in our marketing materials, animations in our Tablespoon Tuesdays publications and most notably in our online zine ‘Mouthful’ which Ellie conceived, edits and curates. Ellie has also been the driving force behind developing our Poetry Nights from fundraisers into events in and of themselves.

Gioia De Martino


Gioia began her involvement with the company performing in their debut Fringe production ‘Painted Corners’ and has since grown to manage our social media presence and outreach. She works day in and day out to grow our audience and expand our list of collaboratoes! Her ballet and contemporary dance training informs her interest in the overlap between dance and theatre, taking influence from practitioners like Pina Bausch and Frantic Assembly in her most recent work with us as assitant director.

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