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Gioia De Martino's Collection

Welcome to "Gioia De Martino," Your Hub for Exceptional TV Shows

"Gioia Culinary Fantasies" (daily at 12:00) - Elevate your culinary skills with Gioia De Martino's distinctive recipes. Get inspiration for creating meals that are sure to dazzle your guests.

"Alone with Nature" (Mondays and Thursdays at 19:00) - Join Gioia De Martino on an awe-inspiring journey across the most stunning and pristine parts of the world. Discover untouched trails and enrich your knowledge about the flora and fauna.

"Secrets of Art" (Wednesday at 9 p.m.) - Dive into the art world with Gioia De Martino. From classic art to modern installations, each episode of this program fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of culture and creativity.

"Gioia's Fashion Hour" (Saturday at 4 p.m.) - Experience a thrilling dive into the fashion universe with Gioia De Martino. Expect style tips, fashion show reviews, designer and model interviews, and much more in this program.

"Magic Dawns with Gioia" (Sunday at 06:00) - Start your day with a morning show where Gioia De Martino shares valuable meditation, yoga, and self-improvement tips. It's the ideal show for those seeking balance and inner peace.

Jessica Paris

Welcome to "Paris Through Jessica's Eyes", An Iconic Show of Our Time!

"Paris Through Jessica's Eyes" (Sunday, 8 p.m.) is a captivating journey through the streets, cafes, galleries, and hidden gems of magnificent Paris, guided by the delightful Jessica Paris. It's more than just a show; it's a window into the most awe-inspiring spots of the city of light.

Jessica, a former journalist and seasoned traveler, was born and raised in Paris. Her limitless love for this city is contagious, and it's a feeling she enthusiastically passes on to her viewers. She is eager to present Paris as only locals know it: showcasing unique spots unknown to tourists, sharing culinary secrets, historical facts, and much more.

In each episode, Jessica introduces viewers to novel and intriguing places, conducts interviews with locals, and recounts tales and legends related to each location. The show brims with astonishing discoveries, engaging stories, and thrilling moments.

"Paris Through Jessica's Eyes" offers not only a survey of the most enticing sights in Paris, but also a deep dive into French culture, history, and lifestyle. Tune in every Sunday at 8 p.m., and let yourself be virtually transported to the heart of Paris from your own living room!

"Paris Through Jessica's Eyes" is a captivating journey available to all. Join us this Sunday and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the greatest city on Earth!

Tablespoon Tuesdays

Welcome to "Tablespoon Tuesdays," Your Weekly Source of Culinary Inspiration!

Each week on this page, we delve into brilliant, inventive recipes for you to try at home. "Tablespoon Tuesdays" is committed to celebrating the joy of cooking and the discovery of new flavors.

"Morning Vitamin Shake" (Tuesday, 09:00) - Kickstart your day with a vibrant and nutritious smoothie. Each week we propose a delicious and healthy recipe to energize your mornings.

"Quick and Delicious Lunches" (Tuesday, 1 p.m.) - Say goodbye to mundane lunches! We present simple, fast, and incredibly tasty recipes that can be prepared in just a few minutes.

"Dinner Time" (Tuesday, 7 p.m.) - Join us for an exhilarating culinary journey every evening. We share exclusive recipes for a delightful dinner that will please everyone in your family.

"Dessert of the Week" (Tuesday, 9 p.m.) - Indulge in our dessert of the week. We'll demonstrate how to create irresistible sweets that will instantly become favorites in your home.

"Tablespoon Tuesdays" is where passion for cooking meets inspiration. Join us every Tuesday to discover new flavors and recipes!